Offering business development solutions for small
to mid size companies; for both the private and
public sector.

“To get Game-Changing results, start focusing on Game-Changing thoughts.”

“To win without risk is to triumph without glory!"  


Just3 is a boutique consulting firm focused on strategic business solutions for small to mid size companies operating in
both the private and public sector. With a combined experience of over 50 years, we assist companies with their business
development, marketing techniques and financial needs. Through our  network of licensed professionals and consultants;
we can  also provide consultation to companies listed on the following stock exchanges: (TSX, TSX Venture, & CSE).
If your company is looking for help with RTO's, and mergers & acquisitions we can assist with that too. We're currently
working with companies in the cannabis, mining, tech and resource sector; as well as hotel & hospitality and transportation
& travel. Our team of professional consultants and advisors, represent many leading financial institutions, world renowned
real estate firms; and top marketing agencies.

How can we help you?

We can help if you have or are a:

• Profitable and scalable businesses
• Demonstrated competitive advantages
• Meaningful and defensible market share
• Experienced and capable management teams
• Readily identified value enhancements

(If your company matches any one (1) of the descriptions listed above, we want to hear from you.)
Our consultants are standing by! Send your inquiries to: [email protected]

Your company will also learn:

We can help our clients by emphasizing its differentiation as a business, offering as a clear and viable alternative for exponential growth through acquisition and pooling of their resources.

Build a Relationship-Oriented Business
We advise our clients that building long-term relationships with owner operators and clients, and their customers is the key to success.
If they integrate into or become a part of their operations, marketing or IT department, it will make them understand the value of the relationship.

Focus on Target Markets.
We will help you focus on your core business in three key market segments for acquisition and growth.

Competitive Edge
Building a business based on long-standing relationships with satisfied operators and clients, simultaneously builds a strong defense against the competition.
The longer the relationship stands, the more important the client and the company and the company’s clients understand what is being offered and why working with them is valuable.


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Business Development

Just3 provides exceptional and strategic marketing and business development for companies that are in the private and public sector including those listed on the TSX Venture, TSX and CSE Exchange.
Our consultants have experience in cannabis, mining, real estate, financing, Public Relations, Investor Relations,  transportation & travel, RTO's and M&A's.

Financing  Solutions

Through our vast network of international private and high net worth individuals and private equity investors, accredited investors, both retail and institutional; we can provide your company with viable options for your firms financing needs.

Public Relations/Investor Relations

Our experienced network of consultants can provide your firm with professional Public and
Investor Relation Services and social media management; corporate documents, brochures and
presentations; connecting your companies story to accredited investors. A clear story of your
corporations image is then distributed through our channel of marketing and investor associates.



The possibilities are endless; we provide customer growth & development through in house technology and transaction diligence.


Through our strategic trade partners we are capable of sourcing and distributing: mineral water, Thai rice and fruits and many other food items.


Associate partners to many international airlines and chartered services; we can provide our clients with direct flight to almost any destination in the world.
Airlines seeking funding for fleets and corporate infrastructures please send us an email.


Multi-million dollar properties; both commercial and residential define our real estate department.
We demand strict compliance, regulation and professionalism.
Ask about our highly sought after hotel properties available in North America, Asia and abroad.



Providing top quality relationships in the oil & gas, natural resources sector and green space; we are your designated partner for a brighter future.


We have a vast network of venture capitalists, private equity firms, hedge funds, investment bankers, and security dealers capable of providing defined financial decisions and aide to our retail and corporate clients.


We offer production and processing of precious metals, as well as purchasing and sale of refined metals; found in Mexico, Canada, Australia, United States & South America.


Partners with current and former professional athletes; television and movie production; we can provide your firm with guidance and media relations; aimed at incorporating best in quality demand.


Monday to Friday 9:30AM-4:00PM