Solutions And Services That
Are Right For You


Whatever your objectives are we develop the right program for you, that will equate to positive coverage of your
brand, captivating your audience with the most ideal message each and every time.


Written Press Releases

We carefully curate a storyline outlining key points, captivating your audience with a clear and precise message. 


With access to to municipal, provincial and federal politicians across Canada; J3 is an extremely influential public relations partner when seeking to shape policies on government decisions.

Social Media Campaigns

J3 has a large pool of engaged followers on their social media platforms, allowing organic traffic online with a combined average impression count of 250,000 impressions per month. 

Digital Content Creation and Documentation

Our work also entails creating eye-catching digital content to be shared via email or social media campaigns, as well as pitch decks and fact sheets to keep your investors up-to-date. 

Written Media Advisories

Creating strong messages requires accurate bullet-points of your story that will catch the eye of journalists. J3 helps you develop a message that precisely outlines your brand and campaign. 

Investor Relations

Raising awareness to investors and shareholders is an important part of your brand's continued success. J3 has an extensive database of seasoned and accredited investors. We're always ready to pitch your brand!

Media Relations / Press Conference Organization

An impactful and successful campaign shines with an organized in-person press conference. J3 has built strong relationships with some of the largest English and French television media and radio outlets in Canada.